Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto is a magnificently urbanised vehicle, designed for town roads along with nation devices. Nevertheless, your seats are generally immensely comfortable, to the stage which they practically ask to get sat within in the course of extended drives and road trips. The actual driver's seat includes a collection of guide alterations. The actual creative designers from the Fiat Punto in addition know the value of spatial economic system: there exists enough space for both the driver as well as the voyager right in front; inside the back again, a corner seats could seat two full grown adults with plenty place left over - along with three full grown adults even though nevertheless offering an abundance of shoulder room and also leg room. Morever, the particular hatchback provides plenty of room pertaining to cargo and also storage.

The Fiat Punto's driving capability has actually been termed as a masterwork. Your powerplant is often a peppy, revving small beast. Despite the fact that your engine functions seventy seven horsepower and two valves for each cyndrical tube, the Fiat Punto has also been known as a tiny Ferrari and also, who are able to demand a much better expertise when compared with that will?

You will find the option for any Duo-drive semi automatic transmission having a five speed manual transmission which is managed by a computer, as well as the clutch is actually beneath the lid. When quit to its very own gadgets in straight programmed mode, the driving force don't need to do anything - the car manages all of it.
Fiat Punto front
fiat punto interior
2010 Fiat Punto Evo Rear View
Fiat Punto
2006 fiat punto pic
Fiat Punto Sport
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